Welcome to Yeditto!

We know it’s a bit dusty around here, but that’s because we’re hard at work creating a platform that connects talented artists and writers with businesses looking to compose captivating client greeting cards.

As we all know, it’s far less expensive to retain existing clients than it is to obtain new ones. So, it’s no surprise that in today’s all-digital world, nothing carries more weight than a tangible and highly personalized greeting card. And that’s exactly what Yeditto plans to bring you: full access to a roster of deeply creative individuals and an ability to scout fresh talent in both design and content. So, now you can create unique cards that best match your business’s style and the specific occasion or time of year.

But, first—we need your help!

Our goal has always been to build this platform with you—our client —in mind. That’s why, we need your feedback and insight to create an experience that’s downright flawless. So, please comment below with your suggestions, criticisms and words of wisdom. Your voice could make all the difference as we push forward.

Thank you so much!

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