• Welcome to Yeditto!

    We know it’s a bit dusty around here, but that’s because we’re hard at work creating a platform that connects talented artists and writers with businesses looking to compose captivating client greeting cards. As we all know, it’s far less expensive to retain existing clients than it is to obtain new... ... Read more
  • Greeting Cards

    When the holidays arrive, so do the annual traditions of gift giving, well wishes and festive get-togethers. So, when the time comes to pass out your purchases are your loved ones going to be satisfied with store-bought knick knacks or are they secretly hoping for something a little more thoughtful? ... ... Read more
  • Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards?

    We’ve found that business people often wonder: “Is Valentine’s Day an appropriate time for my company to send greeting cards?” The truth is the answer is always a resounding, “YES!” Greeting cards are a great idea for any business and we’re going to tell you why. Cost... ... Read more

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