About us

We know what you’re thinking, “What exactly does ‘Yeditto’ mean anyway?”

Why, it’s simple math!

You did it + ditto = Yeditto

Of course, now you probably have a follow-up question like, “Ok, but what does that mean?” Well, let’s put it this way:

Artist? Writer? You did it!

You’re a talented creative professional looking to find a way to translate your incredible skills into tangible income. But, as we all know, there’s any number of obstacles that could get in your way and prevent you from achieving this: client mishaps, unfair pay, lack of networking access, etc. But, with Yeditto, your problems are solved: We help you overcome these hurdles by ensuring your talents are appreciated and rewarded.

Business owner? Ditto!

You want to enliven your client relationships with original, thoughtful and artful greeting cards, but you’ve found that time is a finite commodity and your design skills just aren’t up to par with your business acumen. Luckily, Yeditto is here to change all that. With our intuitive platform, you can draw on the talents and inspiration of top-shelf creatives to quickly harvest their stunning designs and clever copy—exactly as you see fit. No more straining your brain, entrusting an office manager with such delicate turns of phrase or spending time finding reliable and capable talent. Like something you see? Make it your own. Ditto.

So, there you have it! Besides all the fun we have around here, our name really does say everything about who we are and what we believe in: Creating a satisfaction marketplace that brings together the best creatives with the most discerning businesses. Everybody wins? Yeditto!